In case you didn't read the warning on the previous page, this is an AU fic in which the Roman Empire never fell, with the following: slave!fic, violence, D/s, blood-play, non-con, rough m/m sex, mentions of castration with the potential for actual castration down the line. If any of that squicks you, take off now!
Runaways: What happens when slaves run away? It depends on the circumstances. multi-fandom
Criminal Minds: Gideon, Reid, and Hotch. Garcia and Morgan. Elle and JJ. Fluid dynamics keep for a sharp team, especially in the Empire.
CSI: Las Vegas: Master Gil Grissom finds the perfect slave in Nick Stokes, while Warrick and his slave Greg struggle with the after-affects of rape and move on with their lives.
CSI: NY: Stella decides Mac's been alone long enough and buys him a slave during a murder investigation.
The Dead Zone: Waking from his 6-year coma, Johnny Smith finds that his life hasn't turned out at all the way he expected.
JAG: Not all slaves are quickly brought to heel, whether through circumstance or temperament.
Leverage: Eliot does a stupid thing and winds up as Nate's slave.
The Magnificant Seven: Some destinites are unbreakable and some people are meant to be together no matter what.
Medical Investigation:Dr. Natalie Durant inherits a slave named Eva from a dying man. Dr. Stephen Connor rescues a young slave named Miles from the carnage of an epidemic. (In the timeline, Natalie and Eva get together first, but both fics can be read independently.)
NCIS: Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs comes across Tony after he's been convicted of a crime he didn't commit and reduced to slave status.
Numb3rs: David acquires a new slave named Colby while Alan discovers there's more between his sons than he thinks there should be.
The Rundown: Some destinites are unbreakable and some people are meant to be together no matter what.
The Sentinel: Blair gets more than expected when he goes on an undercover assignment for Simon.
Stargate: SG1: Daniel is taken from SG1 and when he returns, he's a different man.
The West Wing: The road to happiness between Master and Slave can sometimes be a long one, as Toby and Sam find out.
White Collar: Peter buys Peter from a hard labor camp, but is it too late to save him?
Without A Trace:FBI Agent Jack Malone and his slave Danny take a kidnap victim into their lives and their hearts - Martin Fitzgerald.
The X-Files: Mulder finally crosses the line and is convicted of a murder he didn't commit. Skinner buys him to keep him safe and alive...among other things.