The Journey

The Visit: Bruce's mother comes for her first visit to Maine and things go downhill from there. R
Announcements: Sarah finds out about Johnny and Bruce, then, naturally, Walt. Things get even worse after a visit from Purdy. R
Kidnapped: Johnny's been kidnapped again, only the results aren't quite as easy to get over as before. R
Aftermath: Johnny and Bruce slowly recover from the kidnapping and learn a hard truth along the way. NC17


Romanology In a world where the Roman Empire never fell, Johnny wakes up from his six year coma to a life he never expected. warnings this is a potential squick fic as any and/or all of the following may occur: salve!fic, D/s, non-con, rough sex, violence, angst, BDSM, mentions of castration with possible castration down the line. DO NOT read any of these fics if any of those things bother you.

Stand Alones

Everything: Johnny's late night musings. PG
Touch: After the events of Zion, Bruce pulls away from Johnny with disastrous results. NC17
April Fool's: Some people have a dirty mind. PG
False Vision: Johnny's not the only one having visions these days, but where are they coming from and are they to protect or hurt? R
Interference: The guys get an unexpected and unnoticed helping hand from everyone's favorite witch, Willow. It's a missing scene from False Vision, so read that one first. (xover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer) PG
Spice of Sex: Bruce has been observing Johnny extra close since the kidnapping, but he's not alone in his observations. R